Kurttepeli: “The internet market is expanding”


KURTTEPELİ: “THE INTERNET MARKET IS EXPANDING Emre Kurttepeli is the creator of Mynet which is the first Turkish portal in Turkey. Mynet which he founded after he sold Fornet that was  founded in 1996 with İzi Adato and sold to Koç.net is competing with the world. Emre Kurttepeli, the Chairman of Mynet, evaluated the development of internet and the future of the sector on the 5th anniversary of Mynet:

THE MARKET BECAME STABILIZED As a result of the consolidation in the internet sector in the last years, we see that only big and successful companies survived. The sector became stronger and more stabilized. Turkey will catch up with the internet penetration that goes up to 60% in the developed countries. Therefore, I think that the sector has a good perspective.

USE OF INTERNET IS INCREASING The internet sector whose development speed decreased as a result of the economic recession in the last several years started to expand rapidly since the beginning of 2004. The number of the internet users in Turkey is approximately 7 million. Since the beginning of the year, with the launch of rapid internet-ADSL, the internet using duration started to increase. In a year, it is estimated that there will be 1 million internet users in Turkey. Recently, there is a boost of demand of internet in the private and official corporations.

THE PUBLUSHERS HAVE GREAT INTEREST Today, e-mail is a standard communication means. With the allocation of VoIP licenses, sounds will be transmitted through internet more cheaply. As a result, the use of internet in the corporate areas will expand more and more. In accordance with this situation, the internet advertisement market expanded over 30% as well.

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