Became Leader with his own job Mynet


His family did not approve him to be busy with internet work which they consider as a waste of time. It became an internet company which started just with a small step after long years, and has a 3-5 million e-mail subscriptions and has the biggest share with %30 on online advertisement market which reaches to 30-40 million dollars.

Emre Kurttepeli and his company mynet constitutes one of the best examples which shows that internet presents very important opportunities in second half of 1990 which is crawling period of internet.

There is an extraordinary story as Turkey is among the first examples and has rare successful examples on this enterprise.

The plan was perfect at the beginning, but a small problem arose later: Name: a television series helps and “mynet” name arise. But the owner of this domain name is university student who is 18 years old. After long years of bargaining, the name problem of the site is solved for 50 thousand dollars. After solving the problem in relation to order of the ministry of trade to “describe in Turkish”, mynet started its activities in 1999 fall as Turkish portal ofTurkey.

Mynet became the first company fromTurkeywhich aims to reach to unlimited storage area by getting away from the companies such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo which are giant budget internet companies.

The company which widened its leadership on the e-mail to international competition performed a dramatic development from 2005 with new purchases and investments to new technologies.

Mynet is one of the recent examples of giving fruit of continuing the investments by believing the future of the internet business and persistently.

Emre Kurttepeli continues to present content and e-mail service by focusing on internet.

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