Emre Kurttepeli Participiated in (GEP) Global Entrepreneurship Program as a Speaker and Member of Selection Committee


The Global Entrepreneurship Program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of State, took place in November.

The panel titled “Entrepreneurship in Turkey: Its Position and Importance” was organised in cooperation between Global Entrepreneurship Program of U.S. Department of State and Economic Policy Research Center of Turkey and hosted by Tufts University. Boston Tufts gathered the important names of the business world together.

The panel followed by a committee consisting of the academicians as well as more than a hundred US academicians was moderated by Mr. Steven Koltai, a Senior Consultant at TEPAV and a Member of the Board of Directors at Tufts Tisch College.

Emre Kurttepeli, the Founder of Mynet and the Chairman of Galata Business Angels participiated in (GEP) Global Entrepreneurship Program as a speaker and a member of the selection committee in the organisation. Emre Kurttepeli, who is also an entrepreneur, pointed out ” Today, there is a huge transformation in youth. People are beginning to be involved in the economy. There is a huge difference compared to our generation. Turkey may play a role for the region. Our Prime Minister also put emphasis on the young population. There should be an economy that makes such population sustainable.”

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