Emre Kurttepeli participated in the GDOL Digital TalkFest 2012 as a panelist


All actors of the online world who spend most of their lives online in the digital world, where all of the power balances in the physical world are interchanging constantly and where the differences become equal, are meeting at one single common point for whatever the reason it is; all of them are online because of some reason, somewhere, in some way.

GDOL Digital TalkFest 2012, is preparing for determining the community of people, organizations and units that are online via different places, time and tools, that are involved in the online world as creators, users and entrepreneurs, as a new generation who forms the common target group of the digital world, accompanied by the chosen mechanisms depending on the changing motivations and preferences.

Within this frame, the founder of Mynet Emre Kurttepeli also participated in the GDOL Digital TalkFest 2012 as a panelist which was organized in the Haliç Congress Center, on the 5th of April. Besides, the General Director of EMEA Technology Banking Enrique Perez-Hernandez, the Manager Harry Nelis and the Founder and the President of Pixmania Steve Rosenblum participated in the panel as speakers.

What is GDOL Digital TalkFest?

GDOL Digital TalkFest 2012(gdol.com.tr) is a new generation conference platform which started to describe a new online generation, was designed in international level to discuss the future of digital world.

GDOL Digital TalkFest, designed the online generation (GDOL) that it determined, the online power (GDOL POWER) that this generation owns and the relative journey of this online power (GDOL POWER Road Map) as an interactive conference and digital world platform by questioning and determining throughout a whole day TalkFest, accompanied by the data, examples, experiences and expectations from the future that local and foreigner speakers will quote.

In digital world where all business models change, known success criteria are reset, creative online models are distinguished, Generation Do it Onliners is the starting point of Digital TalkFest which we describe as new general communities which creates, use and support online power according to qualification and dynamics of the market instead of demographic properties which spend biggest part of their life as online according to personal or corporate preferences.

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