Emre Kurttepeli Participated as a Speaker at UK-Turkey Knowledge Partnership Discussion


“Employment, Entrepreneurship and Growth: Securing a Prosperous Future for Turkey and the UK.” UK and Turkey Knowledge Partnership Discussion took place on October 4, 2012 in Albert Long Hall of Bogazici University. The keynote speech of the panel was delivered by Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of UK.

In the discussion panel moderated by Memduh Karallukçu, the Chairman of Global Relationships Forum some leaders from UK such as Prof. Georgine Rippon, the Vice Chairman at Aston Universities; Moira McKerracher, Vice Director of UK Employment and Competencies Committee; John Hill, the CEO Pera Consulting and Emre Kurttepeli, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mynet Group; Prof. Mehmet Bulut, the Member of the Board of Directors at the Council of Higher Education, Şerif Egeli, Vice Chairman at DEIK participated as speakers.

In the session as a part of UK-Turkey Knowledge Partnership Discussion such questions as “What should governments, business world and educational institutions do to support the economic growth and to create the industries of future by teaching the entrepreneur frame of mind to the youth?” were answered by the panelists.

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