Emre Kurttepeli made a speech in iyiYatırım Summit


In the summit with the objective to contribute to create an ecosystem of angel investment in Turkey and to speak a common language accordingly, Emre Kurttepeli has shared their knowledge and experiences in angel investment.

The second “iyiYatırım Summit” held by TUSIAD, Endeavor Turkey and Angel Resources Institute has been held in January 10 in Sabancı Center. Raising concern about the requirement to create an investment ecosystem and to speak a common language accordingly in the Summit that has met the world leader investors entrepreneurs, academicians and senior executives in Istanbul, the speakers have discussed the angel investment regulations of which the legal infrastructure has been completed by Turkish Commercial Code as well as “Angel portfolio strategy, due diligence, assessment and presentation to the investors.”

In the summit, they have put emphasis on that special contributions and substantial tax reductions are provided and the Undersecretariat of Treasury is enabled to become a part of the audit in accordance with the Act No. 6327 in Turkish Commercial Code.

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