Emre Kurttepeli Participated as a Keynote Speaker to the GBA Mentor Clinic III


The event started with keynote speech of President of GBA and Mynet Chairman.
Emre Kurttepeli who talked about their attempts to develop the quality and quantity of the entrepreneurship and angel investment as well as to open up the ventures based off Turkey to the world, stated they invested in 15 businesses worth 5 million dollars. Kurttepeli, who announced the Business Angels’s new investment FlowerBox, ended his speech with a very important advice: “ Entrepreneurship is the most just system that’s known today. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you studied. In the world of entrepreneurship we are all equal and none of us is in any way superior to the other. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is a system open to everyone and that contains equal opportunities in itself. So, don’t be scared and take action.”

In the second part of the event, almost 50 succesful mentors from different feilds that varied from e-trade to informatics such as Ali Sabancı, Emre Kurttepeli, Melih Ödemiş, Soner Canko, Sadok Kohen and Alemşah Öztürk had one on one meetings with the entrepreneurs providing them guidence on the topics they were interested for 20 minutes.

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