Emre Kurttepeli gave speech at Facebook – Endeavor Meeting


On Monday, July 20 2015, Emre Kurttepeli spoke at the meeting that hosted 10 Product Managers from Facebook in Endeavor Office.

At the breakfast meeting that 40 people came together; Facebook team met Endeavor Investors, Mentors and friends. At the mini panel that was followed by a Q&A session, Endeavor board members Emre Kurttepeli and Vuslat Doğan Sabancı spoke about Turkish Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Facebook team was on this trip on which they had three stops like Berlin, Istanbul an Nairobi respectively to understand the different cultures / ecosystems and user behavior and habits in related to them. They shared their observations and experience on Turkey and Berlin, which was their previous stop, and got information on Turkish (Facebook) users through their questions. Lastly, Facebook team gave information on their new product Instant Articles and their flexible corporate culture which gives the employees the opportunity to do whatever they are best at. The meeting was wrapped up with some very useful exchange of information for both sides.

By admin-ek

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