Endeavor ScaleUp Summit, started with the opening speech of Emre Kurttepeli


Endeavor ScaleUp Summit Opening Held in Feriye on September 21, 2023. Emre Kurttepeli made the opening speech.

Emre Kurttepeli: Our biggest mission in the last five years is to carry Turkish entrepreneurs to the global arena. We will take steps in this direction in the next 15 years, said.

I advise entrepreneurs to think globally from day one. If they have global plans, they should not leave it for later, they should think about the global before the domestic market. Türkiye is a country that has not been integrated into the world in terms of legislation and law. First Türkiye and then the global approach can be challenging for entrepreneurs.

The second important issue is culture. While everyone focuses on financial issues and the product, culture often remains in the background. Especially when you go abroad, the culture, way of doing business and approach you adopt on the first day changes everything, and then it becomes difficult. All stakeholders need to spread the culture to the entire company and its stakeholders. Unfortunately, an approach such as “let’s start like this, then we want to change it if we have money” does not find a response.

Endeavor is much more valuable to Türkiye than it is to America. Know how is very important for the global arena. Since there are not many multinational companies in Turkey, it is difficult to access this know-how. Endeavor comes into play in this regard, it has a lot of resources on this subject. Secondly, it has an incredible network. That network is not limited to one country, it grows and develops every day. When entering a country’s market, it can provide support on issues such as customers, market entry and human resources.

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