Endeavor Celebrated the 10th Anniversary!


Leading the concepts of effective entrepreneurship, mentoring and investing, Endeavor Turkey’s 10th anniversary was celebrated at Swissotel Istanbul with the participation of entrepreneurs and endeavor leaders, business leaders and leaders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Chairman of the Endeavor Emre Kurttepeli also spoke, remarked that they had taken a serious way in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the 10th year and in the past, it was confusing the entrepreneurship and SME concepts, mentoring and investing were looked at with suspicion. Emre Kurttepeli said that ” We believe that we have established a solid knowledge and skills infrastructure at the point where we are now. But the world is accelerating. We will keep the elimination fast or we will either keep this change. To us, Endeavor is made up of future creators. We have set our future target as the globalization of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. We expect that the entrepreneurs we have supported up to will multiply by $1.5 billion.”  Emre Kurttepeli emphasized the intensification of Endeavor’ s work in Turkey, the sector-based deepening and the globalization of all entrepreneurs.

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