Emre Kurttepeli gave the PharmUp 3, Demo Day Opening Speech


The 3rd period of PharmUp Entrepreneurship Program, organized by Sanofi in cooperation with Endeavor to develop innovative solutions in the field of health in Turkey, was completed with Demo Day.

Emre Kurttepeli, Chairman of Endeavor Board of Directors, stated that they know very well how important: it is for entrepreneurs, who make a difference especially in the health sector, to pave their way and to know that they have support mechanisms.

Kurttepeli, in his opening speech:

‘With the programs and projects, we have carried out for different sectors and entrepreneurship levels for years, we have seen that entrepreneurs who go through similar stages and processes are fed not only by workshops and trainings, but also by sharing information with each other. On the other hand, it has always been our priority to carry out entrepreneur-centered studies aimed at creating cooperation and impact in the ecosystem. At this point, it is a great chance and a very good experience for us to travel with a partner like Sanofi with whom we share common goals, therefore, we are very happy to run the PharmUp Program for the third time with Sanofi. I would like to thank all our mentors and partners who supported us throughout the program and congratulate the entrepreneurs selected at Demo Day. Our journey with entrepreneurs is a long and exciting process, and we always support them. I congratulate all entrepreneurs for their efforts and the courage to be entrepreneurs.’

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