Emre Kurttepeli Participated as a Speaker at the Webrazzi Summit 2020


Turkey’s most important event, Webrazzi Summit 2020, was held on October 22th.

One of the strong names of the ecosystem, Mynet Group Founding President Emre Kurttepeli took part in the Webrazzi Summit 2020 with his presentation titled “Big Change, Digitalization and Opportunity Areas”.

Kurttepeli said: “It is necessary to divide the jobs into local and global jobs. For example, e-commerce is a very local business. There is no way that e-commerce remains small in a country with a population of 80 million today. So when you look at e-commerce, its lower segments need to grow. Since the logistics side is a problem, it is more sheltered for international competition. Specific jobs will go on in local markets. Stones fell into place in them too. In the global market, I believe that Turkey should make a choice. Competition is high when you enter here. It Has to be more selective there. What you do in business needs to take advantage of Turkey’s power. The question to be asked when getting there is this: What advantage do you have against global competitors? Therefore, it is necessary to know where to fight on both entrepreneurs and investors. In other words, the selection criteria of local and global jobs are changing.


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