Emre Kurttepeli has joined “ICT Summit NOW” as a speaker


ICT Summit Now which is the biggest business and technology summit of 3 continents was held at the Haliç Congress Center in İstanbul between 24-26 September 2013.

ICT Summit Now: Being the leading informational and educational event of Turkey and the surrounding geopolitical zone ICT Summit NOW is a prestigious activity with its encompassing content for business and IT markets. ICT Summit NOW provided a unique scope for professionals from three continents for creating the best business opportunities.

ICT Summit NOW offered an incomparable experience to all participants, supporters, sponsors through a rich content including keynote speeches, conferences, roundtable sessions, seminars, matchmaking meetings, affective application and demonstration areas – plus, social activities.

Emre Kurttepeli joined the panel titled “Can There be Entrepreneurship Without Innovation or Innovation Without Entrepreneurship?”

Topics of the panel were:

• What is entrepreneurship? How can entrepreneurship culture be created?
• What is innovation? Why is innovation important for entrepreneurship? How can we develop innovation culture?
• What does technology offer to entrepreneurs?
• What can be done to enhance technology with innovation in Turkey?
• Incentives, commercial laws and tips to use them properly

All these questions were answered  in the “Innovation in Entrepreneurship Forum”.

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