Emre Kurttepeli : “Entrepreneurship is a passion”


March 26th, 2014, Emre Kurttepeli participated in İTÜ Çekirdek “Coffee Talks” event. Told the story of the founding of Mynet, noticed  important aspects related to Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem and shared with participants his predictions regarding the future of Turkish Internet entrepreneurship sector.

Emre Kurttepeli stated that courage lies under the entrepreneurship, and said that “It is enough that you have a good idea, You can find the finance for to do it, in a way. Courage is very important for  entrepreneurship.”

Noted that passion is very important about the entrepreneurship, and said that “Do not start this job, if you don’t have any passion. if you started with thought of only making money, You are not going to be successful”

Said that, “In Turkey, there is a short-term thought system, there is no long term plans” and stressed that “it is very difficult to predict the future.” Also shared; the reviews of Internet bans and the effects of this prohibition to the entrepreneurship world, with the participants.

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